About Us

Our company provides elegance and style to homes and projects. We take pride in guiding you from start to finish. Our experienced designers ensure your dream kitchen is built to your exact specifications.

About Factory

For many consecutive years, our products have been highly commended for outstanding quality and innovative design. Over the past twenty years, we have acquired a high level of proficiency in producing trendy and functional kitchen furniture. Company possesses around 50,000 square meters of production floor space. Over 2,000 highly qualified employees are involved in the production process. High-technology equipment, fully automated lines, and a wide range of materials, finishes, and fittings enable us to translate your dream kitchen into reality.

We constantly upgrade our production facilities and implement new technologies to offer variously designed products that will be affordable for every customer. A very important part of our business is professional training and regular participation in trade fairs and exhibitions for furniture and industrial equipment, which keep us up to date on current trends in the industry. Today, our developed dealer network has over 900 retail stores worldwide. All our products meet ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Requirements.

Competitive Advantages

More than 20 years in the furniture market

Innovative design and outstanding quality for reasonable price

High-technology equipment and fully automated lines

Reliable partners

world famous suppliers of materials, fittings and high-precision woodworking machinery

Production of standard and customized items

monthly kitchen output is around 10,000 of made-to-measure items and up to 20,000 of standard items

2-4 weeks of manufacturing lead time

depending on material